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    Always wear a basic button-down to work? Try this step-by-step style trick and completely elevate your usual look.

    I need to learn how to draw like this.

    Stránka plna nápadu na tvoreni

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    It’s a girl thing (28 photos)

    hair sketch/ drawing Mehr

    Kinokuniya USA: Katsuya Terada just finished his freehand drawing at our SF Store! Impressive!! ‪#‎katsuyaterada‬ ‪#‎manga‬ visit to buy personal graffiti via paypal

    I am infinitely chasing perfection; always climbing closer to it--but my deepest fear is to reach the snowy peak, to stare into the face of the sun in all its glorious luminescence and know its perfect light, and to be dissatisfied. I am an imperfectionist; I am content to always stay in shadow, as long as there is the hope of seeing the light touch some small thing on earth, any tiniest bead of frozen water, any thinnest thread of spider's silk, and seeing that it, too, is perfect.

    Melted crayon art. Not for young kids to do- your fingers get pretty hot, and you also get the occasional wax splash. Interestingly, the cheapo crayons (the ones that don't draw well) melted the easiest and were most vivid.