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9 calm down ideas for a kid when they need to take a breath. #kids #calmdown #tantrums

    Positive parenting techniques for disciplining kids without controlling them through punishment or rewards. {One Time Through} #parenting

    Alternatives to saying no to kids even when disciplining and how to help kids understand what you want versus what you do not want.

    Family House Rules. These rules are simple, straightforward and get right to the point.

    See You Later Alligator by Summer Snow 11x26"

    8 Sentences that will change your child's life.

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    Understanding kids feelings by Dr Laura Markham

    Yes! This is an easy way to help your children listen and stop complaining. Great idea for discipline!

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    when kids are anxious

    Kristina Grum: An after school schedule can help to improve behavior at home

    I tell her that I love her all the time;););)