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Home Gym Essentials - Collectively Christine

    wish list—the ultimate home gym « Fitness « already have a few of these items....add a punching bag and I'd be set!! Lol

    FALL IS FINALLY HERE! Which means pumpkin everything, a break from the summer craziness and a rest before the winter holidays begin. But that doesn’t mean we take a break from US! We still wa…

    Get your sweat on at home! #MakeYourMove with home workout essentials sponsored by @Kohls

    Everything you need to get started on your healthier lifestyle, including self growth, positive relationships, and trips to the doctor's office.

    great idea for home gym Home Gym Ideas. The easy way to buy or sell your home and maximize your ROI - Sports & Outdoors - home gym fitness -

    The 10 BEST Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Gym!

    Confession time… My very first experience with parallettes ended in a broken set of parallettes.  Not because they were made incorrectly, but because my husband tried to get me to do a 30 second tuck hold 8 weeks post-baby.  NEVER begin your post-partum CrossFit journey with tuck holds.  Because there’s a good chance you will pick them up, throw them as hard as you can at your husband, narrowly miss, and then end up with a perfectly good set of parallettes shattered all over the street.  It ...

    TOP 7 AT-HOME EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR SMALL SPACES!! Want to work out at home but feeling cramped? Check out the MUST HAVE exercise equipment when you have no space to workout!

    Want to know the secret to a perfect booty? Try this 30 minute sculpting and lifting Brazilian butt workout. Shape and firm your glutes and thighs fast!