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    Watch as Disney CEO Edomite Eisner announces the Alien Agenda with a knowing gleam in his eye. Watch as Robert Urich narrates the show and tells many truthful secrets - specifically that UFO activi...

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    What r they not telling us

    This photo was taken in Australia.Has been criticised however l have located an identical object photocraphed in the USA.That photo will be posted next to this

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    there are Bases on your Moon built by Non-Earthlings. Of course NASA has clear real photos of the alien bases on the moon, but they are afraid to show them however, In some of these Moon photos, if you observe closely, then you'll actually see structural buildings.The Moon is definitely an permanent station........PARTAGE OF EXTRA TERRESTRIALS CREATED HUMAN BEINGS AND RELIGIONS....ON FACEBOOK......

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    The above picture is about 90 years old. It has been circulated around my family for its entire existence, but has always been kept secret. Just recently, it was handed down to me along with the story I'm about to tell you. My great uncle, a self-proclaimed explorer and amateur archeologist, traveled across the entire Americas during his later years in the mid-1910s. During one of his expeditions around North Guatemala, he heard a tale of an ancient forgotten city and extinct civilization that…

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