Pam Fryer

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:14:42 +0000

And I **support** the Second Amendment. I'm just not an ammosexual about guns.

    'Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem to you personally.'

    can I just be Rosemary Clooney when I grow up and marry Bing Crosby? I would be completely okay with that.

    A Lie Doesn't Become Truth

    We are all Americans no matter what you wish to call yourselves. This is our Country and the Rights handed down were handed down to us. We need to Unite Now, and take our Country back. It won't be some gift from the government. They are already our Rights, they belong to each and everyone of us.

    We listen to the raging orange clown spout racist rants for eighteen months and now he wants an apology?

    Sad sick bad guy in his words

    Follow the Money Trail Directly to the Source of the Problem and See Who Benefits From It !!!

    Yes, facts are there. But go ahead, choose to ignore them and keep on being your hating and biggoted self.

    No, he's not Hitler (yet) but he sure as hell sounds like him....

    Socialism for the rich has allowed Donald Trump and his billionaire friends from paying taxes like the rest of Americans. They should assist in paying to repair our bridges and infrastructure. The free ride for billionaires does not help America.


    Would-be Presidents take note.

    Texas breeds more idiots into congress than just Ted Cruz. Here’s another moron, revel in his stupidity… I get it now, these anti-immigrant GOP idiots are just looking out for the immigrants. Good on them! What? That lying piece of shit McAllister is also a shameless, pandering hypocrite?

    They aren't Pro-life at all. They are Anti-Women! Period!

    'I love the uneducated' -Donald Trump, 2015.

    Trump, his Cabinet and Staff of Liars and Thieves is the most Corrupt, Unsettling Mess we've ever seen in the White House. A National Disgrace.

    I have NEVER been a fan of Bernie Sanders (NOR the Christian Left), but I cannot deny he is making a very valid point here.

    What kind of support was he giving President Obama when he stated he wasn't born in America! Yeah it's fascinating that Fuhrer Trump's worshippers harass and threaten anyone who doesn't support their demagogue. The same people who think freedom of speech means any disagreement with them or unflattering news is somehow oppressing them. They REALLY don't like it when you quote their Supreme Leader. Makes it hard for them to deny all the stuff Trump says and does!

    #NotMyPresident #TheResistance #NeverNormalizeTrump

    President Obama did not divide the country