Pam Fryer

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:14:42 +0000

And I **support** the Second Amendment. I'm just not an ammosexual about guns.

    Cost of war. Frankly if the Pentagon wants soldiers' bonus $ back - GO GET IT FROM WELLS FARGO & the rest of those cheats. Soldiers didn't cheat anyone for those bonuses.

    'Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem to you personally.'

    When you are removed from daily suffering and aren't willing to dig deeper for truth then facts are hard to come by....

    The reason Republicans don't understand this is because it is a fact and it makes sense!

    Krugman explained his reasoning by saying that Obama has made important changes to the economy, implemented new environmental policies, and accomplished health-care reform. And on foreign policy, Krugman said, “He hasn’t done anything really stupid and that is a big improvement over his predecessor....

    Republicans consider you a hero if you are a millionaire, regardless if you obey the law. Republicans consider a worker a moocher, regardless of how hard you work.

    Maybe when some says 'Government assistance is bad for America' what they are really saying is 'I wish I wasn't on government assistance.'

    It's amazing how quickly people forget...and how many think they won't be included in this current "culling of the herd" that trump and these wealthy republicans are attempting to inflict upon millions of people. WAKE UP NOW!!!!

    Damn those pesky facts!

    When will the masses start to listen? The first reaction to truth is denial then anger. I think most are still stuck in denial because, if the masses had moved onto anger..... all of us would have banned together by now and put a stop to all this mayhem. Remember.....there are more of US than THEM.

    Republican criticism starts at dehumanizing Obama: he’s not one of us, where’s his credentials, his name sounds funny, he’s less than a human being. Nothing Obama can do can change a Conservative mind...