Pam Fryer

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:14:42 +0000

And I **support** the Second Amendment. I'm just not an ammosexual about guns.


    Donald Trump - we shall over comb

    Pissed at the wrong people

    Cost of war. Frankly if the Pentagon wants soldiers' bonus $ back - GO GET IT FROM WELLS FARGO & the rest of those cheats. Soldiers didn't cheat anyone for those bonuses.

    I love that fact that she's so incredibly brilliant but completely comprehensible to the general public. She must subscribe to the Keep It Simple Stupid methodology :0)


    This exact thing happened and I instantly ended the relationship.

    Needs change! Don't let them distract you from what is important and does effect you!

    Krugman explained his reasoning by saying that Obama has made important changes to the economy, implemented new environmental policies, and accomplished health-care reform. And on foreign policy, Krugman said, “He hasn’t done anything really stupid and that is a big improvement over his predecessor....

    Why do Republicans block better pay and benefits for people in the military? And why do people in the military overwhelmingly vote for Republicans?

    I love the combination of neutral colors in this snug studio apartment. Its a great mix of textures and patterns! And I love the use of the Ikea shelf