Amanda Garcia

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 20:38:34 +0000

Are you looking for a school project to help teach your students about planets and the solar system? This fun craft for kids is interactive and educational! Students research the planets and write the facts on each "fan!"

    Planet coloring pages mercury venus earth mars

    FREE Printable Solar System ID Flashcards - LOVE these watercolor galaxy planets & moon cards for kids! Cool for trading cards, homeschool lessons, reports and more! Perfect for teacher classrooms.

    Wereldbol knutselen

    Have a school project or teaching planets and need a fun activity? Use an old CD and make a planet with a small ball! So easy and fun!

    Your students will have as much fun as mine did in assembling this flipbook featuring the nine planets of the solar system. Have students refer to books, websites, and videos on the planets to record information. Ideal for use in your science centers.

    Earth Science Interactive Notebook - Earth's Atmosphere

    Characteristics of sun, Earth, and moon

    Planet Flip Book FREEBIE! An interactive way to introduce the planets and their order from the sun.

    Astronomy posters group project. My teacher required prep time was actually pretty minimal for this (less than an hour)! Done with first grade level students. The kids were so pleased with the results and had tons of fun doing the craft in the middle. Earth, the moon, stars, the sun, and the solar system.


    Solar System Projects for Kids - Students will love these planet projects - Each Planet Mini Book uses only one sheet of paper and NO glue, tape, or staples! LOVE THESE! Solar System Activities | Plan

    First grade anchor chart: rotate vs. revolve.