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    metahaven wikileaks. Design is basically high-res censorship.

    Agata Kulczyk - Polonia BICeBé 2015® - Selections

    The Issues by Magdiel Lopez Follow

    Lucas Hunter, Luca Lozano, Planet Luke. Meet the man with three names currently making waves all over Europe’s music and graphic design scenes. Now living in Berlin (via Sheffield, Cornwall and London), Lucas Hunter is the man behind Klasse Recordings, a Berlin-based imprint where he works with Mr Ho as owner, A+R, artist and designer. Lucas also performs as a producer and DJ under the name Luca Lozano, and manages the graphic designer for grafitti-centric tape label Grafiti Tapes and 12” vi...

    advertising set | poster set for Cherry Garden Restaurant, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore....:

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    --- 第44回 日本産業広告賞 --- 新聞部門 シリーズ広告賞 第1部 第3席 --- 【企画制作】 パナソニック 栗山和弥 (クリエイターズグループMAC) 【MAC制作スタッフ】 CD:亀山善男 AD:中谷武志 C:浜井美歩 D:伊藤孝成 © ナノイー技術 パナソニック株式会社 © Creators Group MaC

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