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Swimming Lanes Poster Print features an amazing underwater pool image and hilarious swimming sayings. This poster print makes a unique inspirational gift for swimmers and teams!


    Swim quotes

    You people don't get that it really never goes away no matter how many showers we take it is literally are perfume

    Okay, this is cool. But also way too much work. I'll probably just continue to take unscientific naps...

    Or how about getting your finger caught between two parts of the lane line.

    And when you finish the conversation every time you reach the wall for the next set

    Ha! I do this all the time with my friend <<< some of my friends will forget.

    This would be me.. if i could get a date.. *cries and flips more tables*

    Swim teams can be motivated by a catchy saying or motivational slogan.

    Greatness is Earned Never Awarded http://www.yourswimlog.com/7-quotes-to-keep-you-chasing-greatness-in-the-pool-this-year/