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Tourmaline-Buying-Guide. GIA (102914)


    Ruby buying guide.

    Jade Buying Guide. GIA (111214)

    Here at Brilliance, we want each customer to make an informed decision when choosing a certified diamond so that they will be completely satisfied with their purchase. When deciding which certification to go with, it is important to understand the vital differences between the diamond grading techniques of the two laboratories.

    Also for future reference.!!! Bebe'!!! Great resource for rocks and minerals!!!

    7 fatores para se observar numa pérola

    Diamond Buying Guide. GIA (040114)

    Aquamarine Buying Guide.

    Citrine-Buying-Guide. GIA (111214)

    Tourquoise Buying-Guide. GIA (021815)

    A Warre hive uses top cars or slats instead of frames, usually with a wooden wedge or guide from which the bees build their own comb.

    Opal Buying Guide. GIA (111214)

    Gemstones: Natural Treasures to Celebrate Earth Day.