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24. Thanks to their vertically growing habit, brussels sprouts can be a suitable addition of a space-saving container garden.

    Vegetable garden growing calendar with starting and transplanting dates. If only I had a green thumb, I'll stick to my silk flowers at

    Planting potatoes in the home vegetable garden is not very difficult, but does have a couple important steps. A very important thing to remember about growing potatoes is to make sure you use certifie

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    Guide to Growing Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts – Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera The Brussels sprout vegetable was known and cultivated in Belgium, particularly in areas around Brussels …

    Follow these 13 plastic bottle vertical garden ideas to make something amazing out of them. Repurpose those old bottles, which you usually throw away to grow your favorite plants either indoor or outdoor and help to save our environment. Here are 13 inspiring plastic bottle vertical garden ideas to make a vertical soda bottle garden and these ideas will definitely interest you if you are a creative person, DIY lover and love to recycle.

    Growing Brussels Sprouts » I am going to try this year, I love brussels sprouts!

    How to Grow Asparagus Crowns

    Learn how to grow watermelon in pots. Growing watermelon in containers allow this big, sweet and juicy fruit to grow in smallest of spaces.

    If you're looking to grow cucumbers in your home garden, here are some great tips for growing them successfully.