Sheila Diemert

Wed, 02 Apr 2014 14:20:44 +0000

Daily Paintworks - "Pick a Pepper 2" by Sheila Diemert www.sheiladiemert... A still life painting of a red pepper. I've done many still life paintings including: apples, bananas, lemons, pears, peaches, persimmons, pomegranates, mushrooms, peppers, onions, turnips, radicchio, radishes, acorn squash, watermelon, and eggplants. This brings an appreciation for the beauty of fruits and vegetables--even turnips!


    bell peppers - steve Goad

    "Not Easy Being Green" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Cindy Haase

    flying shoes art studio: "PEPPERS ON A PURPLE PLATE"

    Paisajes y Bodegones: Arte bodegon moderno

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    "Purple Eggplant . Oil on linen 7x5 inches" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © by Nina R. Aide

    YELLOW PEPPER BY JONI DIPIRRO. We tend to see common objects as bland and certainly not beautiful if we really see them at all. An artist's eye and creativity can bring out the beauty in apples to tea cups, old tools to junk piles as still life art allowing us to focus on the little pictures most overlook. Now scroll through Pinterest pins of “Common Things As Art” which have impressed me the most. SEE MORE COMMON THINGS AS ART NOW....

    avocado oil painting- i'd say in the kitchen or the master bedroom

    "Red Peppers" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © by Sunny Avocado

    One of many still life paintings I've done. Please contact me if you're…