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How to Make a Nerf Spinning Target - Fun game for a Nerf birthday party! Great boredom buster too.


    Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game - Super boredom buster, and a fun party idea too.

    Nerf Gun Game: Army Guy Shootout

    Are you looking for a fun game to play that will keep the kids busy? These Balloon Cup Shooters are awesome! And they will definitely keep the kiddos entertained for a few hours. All you need are plastic cups, balloons, duct tape and ping pong balls. I made these last week for Connor and a …

    10+ of the BEST Nerf Target Games - Exploding stick targets, army guy shooting gallery, Star Wars Nerf games, and more.

    PVC has a lot more uses than just carrying sewage from one place to another. PVC pipes can be used to create many beautiful crafts. Here are some creative projects you can do with PVC pipes lying around your house. These projects are easy to do and will provide fun for the whole family.

    Get those little hands busy with over 50+ creative crafts that will help their development and pass some time instead of watching tv or playing gadgets.

    The complete ping pong basketball game made with recycled pudding cups.

    Fidget spinners.  Do you love them or hate them?  Who knew a piece of plastic and metal could create such strong opinions?  Ha! Well, kids everywhere seem to adore them, and while I don’t think they should be a classroom distraction, I do agree that they are fun little contraptions.  So what can a kid …

    Nerf Gun Rack

    LEGO Building Challenge: Machines + Paper. How to build a working LEGO paper crimper and a machine that draws circles. Great STEM challenge!

    Engineering Project for Kids: Build a Straw Roller Coaster! Use straws to create…

    Papierflieger Zielscheibe für Kindergeburtstags Party *** Paper Airplane Target practice