Denise Smith

Mon, 05 May 2014 03:16:46 +0000

Our Fifth House - Photography Cheat Sheet


    Exposure Tutorial Part Three: What is ISO? This is an awesome help with ISO in different types of light!!! ♥

    Laminate and print off small, then keep it in your camera bag! Great DIY Cheat Sheet! Helps with aperture, ISO and shutter speed!

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    How to Use the Rule of Thirds Effortlessly. Find out how easy it really is at…

    Photography cheat sheet

    cheat sheet for night photography!

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    Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet. This is awesome!

    Photography Tips | DSLR Cheatsheet for Beginners

    Follow along with this photography series on how to shoot in manual mode. Use this cheat sheet to help you shoot in manual mode and make beautiful photos! by lakeisha

    Fracture's Awesome Infographic of Photography Mistakes to Avoid! (Plus 58 more tips on the site!)

    This Chart Shows How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Affect Your Photos