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zen and the art of darkness


    Occult Black and White Experimental Glitch Photograph | Dark Photography | Zombie Ghost Girl | Glitched Witchy Art | Esoteric | Creepy | Strange | Gothic | Witchcraft

    nataliadrepina: “Model: @jennydagon Costume Designer: Agnieszka Osipa Autumn dies… Her body and spirit wither like fallen leaves. Her trembling hands keep the vial filled with blood drops of birds...

    Love potion scene

    I once could do magic but, that was long ago. When people still believed and didn't have to know. I see that one day magic will return if only we believe and let worldly things go. - A.W This picture inspired me to write this :D

    forever-is-not-for-everyone: ✖✖

    midwintercrone: “ minerva-xelisi: “ the dark side of the moon. ” This picture belongs to Orionides. ”

    by michalina wozniak

    Ritual Fire Dance.

    What was written? Why is she crumpling it?

    ominousraincloud:365#150 | By Pablo Castro Fernández

    WITCHCRAFT P11 Hedge Witchcraft Hedge Witchcraft is usually practised by the solitary Witch. It may sometimes be referred to as "hedgecraft,". It is similar to the shamanic art of crossing the boundary between this world and the Otherworld.

    !!! Dreaming your dream...live your life !!!