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How to DIY photograph new born babies with iphone


    Top 5 Baby Photo Ideas for your new bundle of joy! #peartreegreetings #babyphotos #birthannouncements

    Oh my goodness. Cutest baby photo ever!! #Cute #Baby

    This image is future play. I think about my future all the time, what I want out of life. A family, a home, somebody to love unconditionally. I want to be a parent some day and have a family. This image goes with my explorer personality because I want to explore life, its meaning, and all of its glory, life and love, and most of all family. Nothing is more exciting to me than exploring life in this way.

    baby detail collage

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    this is too cute.. cant wait til my niece gets here

    Newborn pictures

    Omg, I think I need to do this while Christopher is asleep...even tho he's bigger than a newborn lol

    Newborn Photography behind the scenes and final photos Anne Wilmus Photography Pittsburgh newborn photographer studio light 2 Behind the Scenes of Newborn Studio Photography with Anne Wilmus Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer She is great!!!

    Newborn Photography Prop-Newborn Light Gray Overalls-Baby Boy

    had mom wear a black shirt so I didn't have to paint the black around the baby. Then I adjusted the levels to my liking and created another layer to paint the black on