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So many awesome addition fact fluency ideas and games!! Read this! (Fact Fluency in First Grade)

    Bookmark this page for a lot of awesome first grade math ideas - this one is all about addition to 20 but there are ideas for almost every concept

    Fun! No prep addition games for kindergarten, first grade and second grade!

    Fact Family - 4 Worksheets

    Fact Fluency in First Grade - SO MANY IDEAS!!

    This is a FREE doubles game to practice addition doubles facts! All you need to do is print and add dice! It's a simple game, and a GREAT way to get your students practicing those fast facts!This product is a SAMPLE of my larger product: Doubles & Doubles Plus One Fact Fluency GamesNeed more fact fluency games and activities?

    Here is a FREE Addition Tic Tac Toe game printable. This free printable is a great way to reinforce and continue practicing addition skills to 10

    These FREE Math Centers are perfect for K-5, Special Education, and Work Centers for students with Autism- 15 Printables and tips for differentiation!

    Miss Giraffe's Class: Fact Fluency in First Grade

    Practicing number combinations with dice and dominoes. On the Keep 'Em Buzzy Blog Hop.

    Primary teachers will love this FREE math learning game that gets kids moving on a human number line while practicing their addition skills. This math activity can be modified to work with any set of math flash cards and to practice math facts.

    Practice your doubles addition facts with this fun math game for kids, Domino Doubles Game.

    Miss Giraffe's Class: Fact Fluency in First Grade