Barb Ernest

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:14:21 +0000

Incredibly colored Fluorite piece. Very deep and bold.


    Ocho Agate (feather) / Brazil pinned with #Bazaart -

    At my funeral, I'm gonna tell them to wait until the end to open my casket. And it's empty. And then, they'll turn on the fan and my beheaded, lifeless body will swing down and one of these skull will fall onto the lap of a dear friend who will say, "She always knew how to rock the party." Wait, that came out wrong...

    rainbow tourmaline pendant | amazing facets!

    A clear gemmy blue Fluorite crystal on matrix from a mine in China, it's about the size of a sugar cube.

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    Opal in petrified wood.

    Gemmy blue Aquamarine crystals with accenting Muscovite blades on Albite Chumar Bakhoor, Northern Pakistan


    Opal with stunning flashes of fire in matrix

    This magical purple fluorite stone has a gorgeous gradient of deep purple, crystal clear, and sometimes a hint of mint green. Comes ready to wear on a black wax rope chain. Each piece is one of a kind

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