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we-are-rogue:Human Assassin (detail) by Carl Johan Bäckman

    [Pic] cleric perhaps?

    Ayaka Suda illustration

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    Master War Wizards are given some latitude in compliance to uniform code.However above wizardess has several times been reprimanded for code violations.

    Ascending of the Queens (GXG) M++

    SELEKHEL: O Ceifador Divindade Intermediária Símbolo: Crânio e Foice Plano Astral: Abismo Tendência: Neutro e Mau Aspecto: Escuridão, Mortes, Serpentes e Submundo Seguidores: Necromantes, Assassinos, Clérigos Tendência dos Clérigos: L/M,N/M,C/M Arma Predileta: Foice Longa Domínios: Morte, Mal e Enganação

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