Ashley Brandon Lewis

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:49:21 +0000

Watch how super easy it is to remove distractions in your background in this Photoshop tutorial, applicable to all versions of Photoshop!

    Learn how to safely create the "Head in Hands" pose in Photoshop. Newborn Photography Tutorial via

    The vignette clearly enhances the focus on the boy. Just blurring the surroundings won't really help with keeping the focus on the boy's face, darkening the background really makes him stand out.

    free tutorial/action/brush for Photoshop/PSE to make a fairy dust effect on your image

    Turn Day Into Night with Inspire Photoshop Actions

    In this video I’m going to show you how to create a blurry background in Photoshop (the shallow depth of field focus). We’re going to apply the blur by using the Lens Blur Filter which allows you to apply the narrow depth of field so that some objects in the image are in focus while others are blurred. Photoshop tips. Nordic360.

    How To Remove Clutter From a Challenging Photo

    If you'd like to learn how to hand edit using photoshop and create some really unique portraits then you can DOWNLOAD THE FULL-LENGTH, 30-minute long video at modern market! In the video, you can watch me edit this portrait from start to finish

    Remove objects from the background of your photo in CS6. Many ways you can achieve this, this is just one of them ;)

    Are you a photographer struggling with getting the skin to look great in your photos? Click here to see a free video tutorial on how to correct skin tones!

    Photography Tips | 8 Steps to Create the Perfect Silhouette Picture, silhouette picture tips, tips for silhouette pictures