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Watch how super easy it is to remove distractions in your background in this Photoshop tutorial, applicable to all versions of Photoshop!

    A 24 minute detailed tutorial, with voice instructions, of how we achieve our Wall to Floor Fade in Photoshop showing both a cloning and painting method. Three examples of each method, plus adding noise to reduce banding when using the paint method, use of different opacities for both cloning and painting, and a BONUS method of backing out the baby to change the composition of the image.This tutorial was created in Adobe Photoshop cs6 but the methods are compatible with older ...

    Learn how to safely create the "Head in Hands" pose in Photoshop. Newborn Photography Tutorial via

    Watch me edit this image by hand in Photoshop! Steps can be applied with any version of Photoshop. A newborn Photoshop Editing Tutorial. Photoshop tips. Nordic360.

    Newborn Photo edit background: The background effect was done using the brush tool on soft and masking out the baby. on a seperate layer I used the brush tool to color the background which colored over the outer edges of the baby. I then added a mask which allowed me to remove the brush on the baby as I desired.

    Remove unwanted objects fast using this mirror technique in Photoshop and Elements.

    Mastering Photo Editing

    How to do a Head Swap using Photoshop - Digital Photography School by Simon Ringsmuth

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    Photoshop can work miracles if you know what you're doing like Rachel:) I may offer some Photoshop classes next year. pinned by

    We certainly are not professional photographers, but we learned some photo tips while doing a newborn session. Here are things to keep in mind if you're taking photos of your baby.