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Watch how super easy it is to remove distractions in your background in this Photoshop tutorial, applicable to all versions of Photoshop!


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    A 24 minute detailed tutorial, with voice instructions, of how we achieve our Wall to Floor Fade in Photoshop showing both a cloning and painting method. Three examples of each method, plus adding noise to reduce banding when using the paint method, use of different opacities for both cloning and painting, and a BONUS method of backing out the baby to change the composition of the image.This tutorial was created in Adobe Photoshop cs6 but the methods are compatible with older ...

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    Newborn Photo edit background: The background effect was done using the brush tool on soft and masking out the baby. on a seperate layer I used the brush tool to color the background which colored over the outer edges of the baby. I then added a mask which allowed me to remove the brush on the baby as I desired.

    Watch me edit this image by hand in Photoshop! Steps can be applied with any version of Photoshop. A newborn Photoshop Editing Tutorial. Photoshop tips. Nordic360.

    We certainly aren't professional photographers, but we did learn a few things when shooting a newborn session. Here are our rookie tips for newborn photos.

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    If you'd like to learn how to hand edit using photoshop and create some really unique portraits then you can DOWNLOAD THE FULL-LENGTH, 30-minute long video at modern market! In the video, you can watch me edit this portrait from start to finish

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