Shelley Argenbright

Fri, 19 May 2017 23:18:29 +0000

My style of a awesome day!!



    I want to write my own song one day. A song that is actually decently good, not like a song I made up in my head about cooking pancakes.

    Teenager | Vintage/Grunge/Indie

    read more of Lindsay Perry's road trip West on the blog >>

    I want to learn to play the ukelele this summer :)

    friendly reminder that p is talented af and we are the proudest anyone could be

    Sun and moon ukes

    waiting for summer...

    Faça morada... : Foto

    Ukulele, love.

    Two of my favorite things...vinyl and ukuleles ♫♬♪ ♩♭♪

    writing in your journal, sipping tea, strumming your guitar, (at least for me) seeing what's new on Pinterest and Tumblr.