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    Rebels with a cause

    به یک جایی از زندگی که رسیدی، می فهمی رنج را نباید امتداد داد، باید مثل یک چاقو که چیز ها را می برد و از میانشان می گذرد، از بعضی آدم ها بگذری و برای همیشه تمامشان کنی... #فاکنر

    In fact I never learnt how to fly a starship at all... original poetry by myself

    'i'm a secure western hero.'/'be the hero i know you can be.'

    I would soo date a guy who dressed like this

    Years have passed and everyone's favorite heroes have gotten done with fighting crime. So they put their children with that same responsibilities they had when they were younger. But, some of the kids want to choose their own path, they don't want to be like their parents.

    justice league

    Inspo // Rank

    ‟ѕavιng people, нυnтιng тнιngѕ, тнe ғaмιly вυѕιneѕѕ.‟ - | ` | @gabriel.giggles | ` | -

    Save the world, Max

    I say fight me a lot for a girl that can't reach the third shelf in a grocery isle.

    ((I've pinned this before but...This is the most Scylas and Ateas thing, you can't tell me otherwise LOL))