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    Amazing Spiderman Vol 3, #1 by Terry Dodson

    In fact I never learnt how to fly a starship at all... original poetry by myself

    Rebels with a cause

    ((I've pinned this before but...This is the most Scylas and Ateas thing, you can't tell me otherwise LOL))

    mebi oso na hit choda op nodataim ] pinterest; @likethenumber

    his name is Bruno Borges, from Acre in Brazil

    Jason bought these for everyone.

    "We're young and reckless and everything in between." She chuckles after saying that. "Guess it was only inevitable that one of us was to die in that kind of way..."she trails off and her eyes lie still and unfocused with a pool of blood underneath her. -J.B

    funny, quote, and lol image

    justice league

    Phoenix is used to being called a whole bunch of different things, rebel, vigilante, criminal, vagabond, and their personal favorite, anti-hero.

    ((Will remove this later if I change my mind, but...I'm thinking of altering his career a bit--))