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Sat, 20 May 2017 01:10:11 +0000

If you're using a DSLR & shooting in automatic, you have the worlds most expensive point & shoot camera. Check out this article!


    Download your free cheat sheet to help you get off AUTO and start getting more creative photos with your Digital Camera. IT shows you how you can control Depth of Field. It shows the best Aperture for Portraits and the best Aperture for Landscape photos. It also looks at another key factor in controlling Depth of Field: Focusing Distance. by bertha

    Unos truquitos para fotos nocturnas..

    Photography 101 – Auto Mode

    Photography 101 Tutorial: How To Use Aperture | Beck Impressions Photography

    Photography 101. Seriously, this would have been nice when I got my camera, the cameras guide isn't very helpful. LOVE THIS FOR BEGINNERS!

    groups posing

    Learn to use back button focus on any DSLR ~~~Great photography tip on back button focusing for sharper photos

    Photography Cheat Sheet

    New Apple app to help you master your Canon DSLR

    How to use a DSLR camera in Manual Mode - Photography Cheat Sheet | Digital Camera Boutique

    Depth of Field: The pictures above change the aperture setting of the camera lenses, creating a sense of depth in their images. The larger the apertures (smaller F-stop number) and closer the focusing distances, the shallower depth of field is. Other example of Shallow Depth of Field:

    A quick guide to understanding your DSLR camera.