Kendyll Gilchrist

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:15:48 +0000

Mantra. written by Tyler Kent White


    If you cannot be the poem, be the poet

    Mariana Paige.... I love reading someone else's words and finding a connection in them

    Yourself. written by Tyler Kent White

    Most people learn love from their parents, or families, I learned mine despite my parents, but show them the love I've learned, because maybe no one taught them. Be patient with the hurt you feel, someone else may feel it to

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    --heroes do not die-- tyler kent white---this makes me think of the movie "The Grey"

    N one day I'll loose all my strength and just go down..

    i will be good to you


    Link to Erin Hanson's poetry (Because otherwise I'd individually pin every single thing she's written)

    M.k poetry