Hampton Roads Happy Hour

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 11:52:25 +0000

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    Yes, and please do not post you ugly feet on Facebook! No one wants to see that! No one's feet are that pretty.......geez, Louise......

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    those aren't retirees. they're old people that can't afford their prescriptions unless they have a job.

    Never forgetting

    Haha! Don't know why but this is always me. Better concentration on what you're trying to read in silence helps..weird, I know!

    I admit I get a small rush of joy when I open the dryer to find the clothes still damp. It's the like the dryer is procrastinating for me.

    The 20 Best SomeEcards About Love & Relationships

    Ain't this the truth - Fifty Shades of Grey is only romantic because the guy is a Billionaire. If he lived in a trailer it would be an episode of CriminalMinds.

    It has to be in the closet, because in your own bed with door closed somehow they can still hear the wrapper! Lol

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