Samantha Buker

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:55:52 +0000

What is a Friend? one minute clip would be great to introduce community building talk and writing geared around friendship

    Including others.

    72 Superlative Awards for students! Perfect for the end of the year!

    Free Behavior Supports! This printable behavior support is a visual for students with Autism and other visual learners. This behavior reminder card is ideal for students who have difficulty with appropriate behavior while at their desks. This reminder card, visually reminds students "When I'm at my desk, I am quiet, working, and sitting.

    Fun With Firsties: Behaviour Management & 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers

    All About Friendship - Video Playlist from Elementary School

    This website has tons of videos and info for teaching your kids about bullying. Awesome parenting tool! #StepUpToStopBullying #Bullying #Parenting

    Making friends One Day at a Time - Students could "make" a friend and then write on each part different ways they can be a friend.

    Zones of regulation clips with Snoopy.

    What's up with Nick? - YouTube video. In an effort to promote a more inclusive classroom environment, this short video uses animation and sound to teach elementary and middle school students about their peers with autism. Watch at:

    A Social Story: Personal Space (video)

    Video for the classroom about anger: A STORY: Staying Calm When Angry (running time: 4min) Particularily good for inclusion classrooms, uses "autistic logic" that both autistic and "typical" kids can understand. End of video has interactive question section for students. Source: @aspiefriendly

    Great video to teach children about different types of bullying and how to deal with bullies in an effective and safe manner! Graphics from

    Pay Attention While the Teacher Is Teaching

    What makes a good friend? A song for children about the qualities of a good friend. Great for social skills development.

    FREE videos. This site has quite a few social stories for students with Asperger's and/or Autism in a video format. Most videos are short, less than 4 minutes, and use simple language with engaging avatars. Great for older learners. Watch at:

    A lesson about Bully

    + Spend time with the person being bullied at school. + Listen to them. + Tell an adult who you trust, like your teacher or coach. + Set a good example. Do not bully others. + Help the person being bullied get away from the situation. + Distract the bully or offer an escape for the target. (

    You know your child best, so come to the IEP or 504 meeting armed with ideas for accommodations that can help her shine at school. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    Wondergrove kids video - keep your hands to yourself - personal space, space invader

    Always Be a Good Sport - WonderGroveKids

    PictureSET: Sub Category: Ready made visuals and social stories

    Sesame Street: Sings "What I Am" - YouTube-Teaching Theme

    Great idea for creating a "peaceful" classroom community. This teacher reads the David books and The Peaceful Classroom by Naomi Drew to introduce rules and peacemaking. Then her class made this great anchor chart.

    Conflict Resolution Time Machine. Another great conscious discipline item. Great for school room. I adore this concept and have used it with siblings.