Samantha Buker

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:55:52 +0000

What is a Friend? one minute clip would be great to introduce community building talk and writing geared around friendship


    This social skills kit for children with ASD's has 40 problem scenarios, play money, and a PowerPoint option when you are working with larger groups or classes. Tags: social skills game, autism, free download.

    "If it doesn't make the world better don't do it." - Robby Novak (aka, Kid President). Love this little boy!

    The Crafty Classroom Printables (Includes Scientific Methods, Science Activities, Math Mats, & More)

    Cut Up Sentences Reading Activity level 1

    Back To School and Valentine's Day Friendship Unit and Kindergarten Lesson Plan

    Can you teach my alligator manners? Great video clips from Disney on manners! These are great and very short--about 2 minutes long. A good start in talking about manners/expectations.

    Control your anger - Emotional Well Being Series Kids Animation

    Book and stone painting. Classroom lesson, whenever there were times when students felt vulnerable, or uncomfortable, frustrated, or unhappy, or had problems with friendships at school, they could hold their rockfish in their hands & remember just how special they are, & all the qualities they have to offer. We encouraged them to remind themselves, there's only one you... & you can make a difference to our world!

    What happens when a on a family reunion when 80+year old parents, 10 adults, 3 teens, a 2 yr. old and 4 month old twins are all in one house for a family reunion in Hawaii and it starts to rain?

    This Interactive Notebook Is All About Social Skills. Children will learn positive social skills to use in their everyday life. #teach

    The sensory aspect of this lesson—sandpaper and cotton balls—really hits the mark! Social skills including empathy and kindness, which are not intuitive for all preschoolers, are effectively reinforced.

    Friendship Lessons, Worksheets and Activities