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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:10:24 +0000

    My baby hobi deserves it he is such an amazing dancer

    He's so weird... XD

    The hotness and charisma is too much to handle!!! My talented jhope :)

    Angel Class Leader being touchy with the transfer student

    기억나❤약속❤ @Dodii.sugatea

    he is actually the smallest mochi and if you disagree then you are wrong

    [PANN] 170104 Eppis who are online at night, gather around! GIF party go! – PEACHISODA

    Me: *Silently sobbing* Stop being so fricken sweet, oh my God my heartu!!!

    chimchams: “hoseok’s reaction to winning #1 on music bank! ”

    Eu te amo Jung Hoseok *-*