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The high-tech future of high heels looks way more comfortable

    The Boss 12 shoes for 12 lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz

    amazing heels!!!

    1950s Green High Heel Stiletto Clema by Shaftesburg Shoes Ltd

    Yes -- these make me laugh! Even when I was young and could run in high platforms, I wouldn't have attempted these! lol

    Marloes ten Bhömer - Rotationalmouldedshoe / 2009 / Materials: Polyurethane rubber and stainless steel

    High Heels | 18 bláznivých nápadov na topánky s vysokým opätkom, ktoré by ste pravdepodobne nenosili

    These ZombiePeepshow Glam Rock heel less wedges are hand painted and textured. Each shoe has multiple sized steel spikes, and glitter detail. They

    3D Printed Shoes (44)

    Silvia Fado impact absorber shoes--to improve the comfort of foot bondage

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    Des chaussures chocolat chaud pour les gourmandes