Jim Hen

Mon, 19 Jun 2017 12:45:27 +0000

A photo shows what happened to a Muslim bride after her husband became upset over dinner, and it’s a vicious reminder of who’s really perpetrating the “War on Women.”

    Breaking - Horrible Video Shows ISIS Burning Captured Jordanian Pilot Alive - Eagle Rising

    After easy passage in the House, Anti-Sharia bill dies in the Florida State Senate....for now

    US Students FORCED To Wear Islamic Garb On School Outing, Parents IRATE. But these same "Christians" want every student in PUBLIC SCHOOLS to say Christian Prayers at school. How does it feel to have religion forced onto you now ?

    Christian Women Raped by ISIS. Badush holds hundreds of Christian, Yazidi and Turkmen women who are being gang-raped for refusing to convert to Sunni Islam. Some of them are being sold as sex slaves to recruit Muslim men into ISIS; the selling price for an ISIS slave ranges from $25 to $150(US).

    Turkey warns airport travelers that Sweden has the highest rape rate in Europe amid underage sex scandal

    sharia law - 8, this is reveals much !

    Where are all the Lefty Feminists when they are REALLY needed?

    RELIGION OF PEACE - Sharia Law of stoning women when they are rape L O O K LOOK AGAIN

    The rape of Europe