Rosalie Caldwell

Sun, 07 May 2017 17:48:46 +0000

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    Norma Jeane. Photo by Richard C. Miller, 1946.

    Мэрилин Монро до пластики

    Norma Jeane. Photo by Richard C. Miller, 1946.

    Marilyn Monroe as a young girl

    20 photos d'époque magnifiques de Marilyn Monroe, l'icône de style et de beauté

    Marilyn Monroe... natural brunette

    a brunette Marilyn Monroe in 1945 by André de Dienes by Eva0707

    Marilyn Monroe 1948

    MINI LOBBY CARD love happy MARILYN MONROE - Buscar con Google

    Norma Jean Baker

    Marilyn Monroe. What a lovely figure. From a distance it looks like she is topless.

    Marilyn Monroe-Im saying this again for anyone who didnt read my pin last time- marilyn monroe was a size 10 model, although most models now days are a size 0-1....crazy how much things have changed, no wonder so many girls have self image issues:(