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40 Examples Of Stunning Houses More


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    Metal wood and stone contemporary w dark trim.

    Emporia is first and foremost an urban planning project in which offices, housing, and retail come together in a mixed-use development

    OPA presents conceptual cliffside casa brutale on the Aegean Sea:

    A contemporary Prairie House by Yunakov Architecture in Kiev.

    32 Home Architecture Styles

    Maybe not quite a tree house, but still a ridiculously cool idea! Join us in making your childhood dream a reality at www.bisonbuilt.com.

    Floating House Dubai

    Dubai's 'Floating Seahorse' Homes Are Partially Submerged And Totally Futuristic

    Fascinating architectural concept - but is it possible?

    Located in the mountains of West Virginia, photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz have built their own enchanting retreat made out of discarded windows, on a budget of $500. The towering home away from home boasts a creative facade made of windows of varying sizes, giving it an artistic flair that is both rustic and modern. More than anything, though, it is a representation of the couple's diligent and penny-pinching efforts.

    luciano kruk forms MR house of folded concrete and wooden louvers