Erin Joy

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:30:49 +0000

AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids! Country Charm: Our Discipline System

    AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids!

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    This is awesome

    Guidelines for Manners to Teach Kids

    For 'paid' chores - not for the "you live here, and eat here, so you had better help take care of this house" chores ;-)

    A great resource for teaching kids the difference between telling or tattling. Love it!

    Awesome Mommy Son Dates...Nana might borrow some ideas :)

    And snap!! The job's a game!! Good way to introduce kids to chores.

    Age Appropriate Chores for kids with free printable chore charts. Printer friendly version available on website.

    My consequence board we did for the kids last night. I have it hanging in the kitchen. And if they do something on the board, I ask them to go read the consequence, and that is their punishment. Time to straighten those two out.

    havent used time out for nearly a year but just in case this is cute ryme