Jessica Galligan

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:12:19 +0000

Quotes About Trust Images

    loyalty, trust and our actions

    Sometimes words r not enough..just not express how much their words..or absence of the right words has hurt u..

    I don't do fakeness. You may not like what I say but you'll always know where you stand with me. If my actions tell you that I like you then I'm not acting. I'm a genuine person. It hasn’t always been that way but people learn and they grow. I don't understand being nice to someone's face and then shit talking them behind their back. I don't understand not being upfront and forthcoming about your feelings of others. I don't understand people's words and actions not matching...

    Trust Your Blood

    I did not write any of the posts here nor took any of the photos. CTO.


    True story at all ages in life. Unfortunately.....