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Where You Can Camp For Free in the USA (with an RV) Summer RV travel is as American as Apple Pie. Loading everything up in a house on wheels and hitting th

    When camping, tailgating or going on a picnic, keeping food and drinks chilled is top priority. Instead of using ice, which melts and creates a slushy mess, make your own ice packs using PVC pipe. This is a more efficient method for transport and cleanup:

    Camping Hack: How to Make Fire With a Lemon (Fact or Fiction?) - I thought this was a pretty clever, although not terribly practical idea. While you may not have these types of items lying around (zinc nails anyone? :)), it just goes to show you what might be possible if SHTF.

    Walt in Why, Arizona tells us about his favorite RVing Destination that he says is A Nice Place to Stay for RVers in Arizona and a Great Destination for Snowbirds... Read More: HAPPY RVING! #rving #rv #camping #leisure #outdoors #rver #motorhome #travel

    10 RV Travel Tips and Tricks for Beginners at

    The property is much more than just a typical RV Park. It has more the feel of a county park/farm/ranch. Running alongside the property is a constantly flowing creek fed by a natural warm spring with a water temperature of somewhere around 80 degrees. #Nevada #Camping

    Best luxury RV parks and resorts

    Places you can camp for free within the United States in a tent or an RV. Some have a small fee but most are free to use. Great resource when camping.

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    MOST AMAZING RV travel website! LOVE her! frugal rv travel

    Best RV Dealer

    How We Find Those Gorgeous RV Boondocking Campsites in the US Southwest by the Love Your RV blog - #RVing #camping #boondocking