Hermione Jean Granger

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Remus And Sirius by RaRo81.deviantart... on @DeviantArt

    Luna Lovegood via Galou Store. Click on the image to see more!

    Hagrid’s house door This is for a project i work on, a series of original illustrations for Harry Potter. It’s just a sneak peak but i hope you like it :)

    Laura Proietti

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    Luna Lovegood

    Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by brenna-ivy

    Typical Morning - Chapter 2 - PukingPastilles - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

    Sirius by RaRo81 on DeviantArt

    Fleur Delacour es una bruja francesa y cuarta parte Veela por su abuela. Es del colegio de Magia y Hechicería Beauxbatons. Participó en el Torneo de los Tres Magos, compitió contra Viktor Krum, Cedric Diggori y Harry Potter. Se casó con Bill Weasley

    Scamander by RaRo81

    Studying with Padfoot - Chapter 1 - PukingPastilles - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

    Beyond the Veil by *Avender on deviantART Sirius Black and James Potter, beyond the Veil {sobs}

    I honestly love this gif of Remus so much because he’s just SO DONE with Sirius. He goes from being “Sirius, you have a wand to your throat. Now is not the time to start getting sassy and insult the person holding said wand” to “you know what, fuck it. Do whatever the hell you want. I’m done. Why do I even bother with this shit?” And you just KNOW that this exact same situation happened regularly while they were at school together.

    Newt Scamander and the Niffler moments -

    How it could've been....I think this fandom likes tearing out my heart...

    Harry Potter is one of my favorite movies. I think it's so popular because it's beyond of people's regular imagination. The concept of the movie is new and fresh to people so many get curious about it and want to watch it more.

    Dobby by Ra.Ro

    Supporting Characters for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabon -- Brenna - Artist

    HARRY POTTER series!

    Sirius. Harry Potter fan art.

    She’s one of my favorite character, she a smart dreamer, peaceful and awesome girl. :D

    I love Luna!!! #narglesforever

    J.K Rowling Got A Little Emotional About This Drawing -She did? Really? Where's that post?-Prescott

    Ron by RaRo81.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt