Amanda Eichhorn

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:44:58 +0000

16 Picture Books Every Family Should Own - and they make excellent baby shower…

    GREAT list of the funniest picture books for kids

    8 Stellar Picture Book Biographies: 8 Stellar Picture Book Biographies from @melissa_taylor2

    Funny picture books summer reading list

    funny picture books your kids will love

    love this list of graphic novels and comics for kids!

    Picture book recommendations from a mom and children's librarian - a great mix of new and old titles!

    19 and counting of the best picture books of 2016. Chosen using a combo of NYT Best Seller lists, critical reviews (such as those in the American Library Association's Booklist magazine), Amazon and Goodreads ratings and reviews.

    funny picture books your kids will love

    Picture books that spark imagination! Nine books with characters with great imagination that will help spark imagination in your children.

    I really value a lot of the classics. We definitely don’t just read classics (which you’ll realize right away when you look at our books lists), but there is a reason these books have stood the test of time. This is a great book list for those in grades one through three (and up, I really enjoy these books too!).…