Leah Zaloudek

Sat, 20 May 2017 00:48:38 +0000

Yondu - I'm Mary Poppins y'all

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 || I'm Mary Poppins

    Baby Groot Death Button

    cute groot

    Very happy to see Sean Gunn from Gilmore Girls in a big movie except he is the raccoon & nobody will get to actually see him.

    +#wattpad+#fantasa+Book+1+-+Saved+By+The+Devil Book+2+-+Return+Of+The+Devil Book+3+-+Crowned+By+The+Devil ~~+Scene+from+the+book+~~ "Sorry+-"+I+stopped+when+I+looked+up. "Who+was+that?"+he+growled. "Who+was+who?" "Don't+play+dumb+with+me.+Who+was+that+guy+you+danced+with.+The+one+you+were+laughing+with." "You+need+to...

    When Yondu screams I'm Mary Poppins ya'll! - One of the best quotes from Vol. 2! Love Michael Rooker!

    Groot's Had Enough of Your Stupidity

    Explain this Bullshit!

    awnnnn little Groot

    On living your truth: | 19 Jokes You'll Only Get If You've Seen "Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2"

    Oh! My! Gosh! I seriously can't handle the cuteness!!!!!!