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If you love the delicate, boho style of a dreamcatcher, here are 10+ DIY…


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    Step by Step instructions On How To Make A Dream Catcher!

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    DIY Rustic Dreamcatcher.

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    Mint Nursery Bаbу Mobile Decor Christmas Snow Mobiles bedding Fluffy Dream Catcher Kids Wedding Bedroom Dreamcatcher Boho Baby Girl Boy by MagicalSweetDreams on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/398774459/mint-nursery-babu-mobile-decor-christmas

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    This beautiful giant black dream catcher wall hanging is a beautiful statement of the bohemian style. The crochet part of the dream catcher took about a week to make! This black bohemian wall decor has a magnetic energy of a handmade item. It is made of crochet doily, lace, ribbons, macrame ropes and feathers. I imagine this black giant dream catcher on the top of your bed to make a wonderful boho bedroom decor or in your living room to make your bohemian home feel even more mystical. This ...

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