Katherine Rodriguez

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 09:03:07 +0000

I have LOVED having baby chicks (so did my kids!). Here is an awesome guide to how to raise baby chicks - perfect for the total beginner.

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    What to know about adding ducks or ducklings to your flock from poultry expert @fresheggsdaily

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    4 Benefits of a Mixed Flock of Backyard Chickens. Unless you are going to breed them, you're really better off with a mixed flock! Read why.

    7 Herbs for better hen health. #herbsforhens Learn more on the blog: http://www.fresheggsdaily.com/2014/02/common-herbs-and-their-health-benefits.html

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    Keeping baby chickens and raising them from teeny tiny balls of fluff into charming chooks will be a rewarding experience for any chicken keeper. Here is a visual guide on what to prepare and do the first few days and weeks with your baby chickens. Read our article here for more in depth information, http://www.backyardchickencoops.com.au/first-few-days-and-weeks-with-baby-chicks/ #loveyourchickens #babychickens #infographic

    How to Care for Chickens in the Winter- Winter is creeping in! Take these extra measures to keep your chickens safe and warm through the cold months ahead.

    How to Build a (Practically) Free Chicken Coop in 8 Easy Steps