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    Chopra Instructor Central Ohio - Page 2 of 2 - Primordial Sound Meditation

    I think I found my sister in law's Christmas present!!

    Quotes On Karma and Effect | The recognition of the law of the cause and effect also known as karma ...

    Be careful what you do, say and how you treat others.

    Happy Girls Are the Prettiest Girls - Audrey Hepburn - 8.5" x 11" Print

    Positive self talk for High Anxiety Situations or Panic Attacks. Breathe & be brave. It will be okay - you've been through this all before & survived.

    45 Funny Pictures For Today #42

    An inspiring quote by Les Brown about #responsibility #passiton www.values.com

    One of my favorite aphorisms. Is this an aphorism? I think it's an aphorism.