Nicole Givens-Gause

Sat, 20 May 2017 01:00:02 +0000

I like this as a warm up


    Can You Make It? Math Game - Great math game for making kids think!

    No regrouping!!!

    Anchor chart for helping students purposefully self-reflect on learning.

    Practice geometry terms with this fun and engaging center activity!

    Polygon anchor chart

    Choosing multiplication or division flow map anchor chart.

    The "new way" to do math makes sense to me and more importantly my students…

    Such a fantastic idea. Take a dry eraser marker, plastic sleeve and insert the long division paper and you have a mini white board for you child to practice on:) write and wipe....write and wipe

    math rotations

    +10+1-1-10 Counting help! Kids can see connections between the numbers as they move their paper

    Place Value Number Puzzles (grades 2-3) are a set of four-piece puzzles that develop students' fluency with place value. Each puzzle has the number form, word form, base-10 blocks and expanded notation.

    Math and English