Kylie Badgley

Wed, 07 Jan 2015 13:59:39 +0000

OverNight pendant light Vessel

    light and geometry

    Collect! Find some of these to cheer up the window above the sink and even the bay window area in the breakfast nook.

    Froissé by Mathias Kiss. Galerie Armel Soyer in Paris.

    Agate Table || Amazing


    John Pomp hand blown glass Infinity pendant. 11"w x 10"H.... - -

    Enter Luna, a little ball of light designed to look like the moon. Luna can illuminate your home, providing a thought-provoking ambiance. It’s made of glass fiber and non-toxic latex, with luminosity ranging from LUX1 to LUX5.

    lordthundercox: New general philosophy: when something breaks, repair it with chunks of a geode.

    hand blown.

    Bespoke Stained Glass Succulents by Lesley Green

    cool lighting idea

    Fairy lights More