Michele Bifulco Adamski

Mon, 02 Mar 2015 15:45:49 +0000

Quilling card - flowers ( 9 cm - 20 cm )

    Quilling Kunst: Vogel des Glücks bunte von BestQuillings auf Etsy

    Neli Quilling Art: Quiling card-flowers

    Quilling card. ~ My Favorite!!! ap More

    Ayani art: Quilling Bubbles Tutorial

    patron quilling Plus

    Neli is a talented quilling artist from Bulgaria. Her unique quilling cards bring joy to people around the world...

    Quilling card

    Quilling buket

    neli: Quilling card ( 9.5 cm - 20 cm )

    One of the niftiest pieces of quilling I've ever seen. The longer you examine it, the more spectacular the details are. The movement is amazing in this piece as well

    Brazil-quilling by MyHomeMyRules on Etsy