Trish Kinder

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:26:31 +0000

How to Remover Permanent Marker from {Just About} Anything

    Basic Parenting Etiquette Rules that Should Never be Broken teach them young

    An outside-of-the-box solution you won't find under your kitchen sink from Fresh Idea Studio #diy #tips #granite

    Do you take care of your wood cutting boards? If you do, they have the potential to last for years! Here is a quick tutorial on how to oil and maintain wood cutting boards in just a few minutes each month.

    17 Secret Cleaning Tips From the Pros: Professional secrets that will make your house sparkle.

    How to remover permanent marker. I'm sure I will be glad I pinned this some day. Tips on how to remove from skin to floors.

    Homemade Laundry Soap! I am making this one friend uses this and it only takes 2 TBLS. per load!!

    DIY dishwasher detergent is easy to make. These detergent tabs clean well, smell nice and cost pennies!

    DIY Cleaning Hacks For Every Room In Your House.

    Print this list out and frame or laminate it--then knock items off the list with a dry erase marker. I LOVE this idea

    11. Removing grout stains from the floor can make your home look like new!

    Before horror (left) and after (right) — so much better, but the door is still gunky. Day 4 Task: Deep clean You know things are serious when it's 10:30 at night and your oven is caked in baking soda, your oven racks are soaking in the bathtub, your tea kettle is bubbling with boiling water to pour over your stovetop grates, and your husband is on his hands and knees washing the floor with a sponge because you realized too late you didn't have a mop in the house. (I swear I told him to stop!...

    Downey: according to blogger, good for stripping wallpaper and the black glue residue from ripped out carpets. Will try.