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    25 Inspiring Book Cover Designs

    colour clash is nice - bold and arresting with white text

    Personal Project - Rodrigo Castellari


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    Häng konsten lågt on Behance

    R O C C A stories on Behance ■ "So STORYTELLING Desing" by S O D E S I G N…

    I've drawn inspiration from these designs by Shanti Sparrow, an artist on Behance. I love the bright and bold colours that she's incorporated in the designs, and I love the graphics and how they've been laid out accordingly. In my own magazine, I want to employ a colour scheme of bright, vibrant colours and this has given me some inspiration on how I can.

    Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord by Violaine & Jeremy

    Two sided #booklet and #brochure design with marbled cover and gold foil:

    Modern graphic design #calendar cards

    cut paperBrochure by Bianca Osmond, Shillington Graduate. More student work -->…