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    On the Creative Market Blog - 30 Incredibly Unique Book Covers & How to Recreate Them

    Design Explorer - Infographic & Illustration about me on Behance

    Katherine // I have no idea what this book is about, but I like the color-coded chapters and the use of illustration throughout. (Unknown Source)

    — Robert Samuel Hanson

    Laurent Moreau

    Vevo | by Red Antler

    Japanese Graphics: Muji: Features of Life. Bunpei Yorifuji. 2013

    Double Exposure Bundle Posters - Clubs & Parties Events

    Interaktives Corporate Design by Oho! Balls & Sticks

    Minimal Eyes Brochure Template - Graphics and text nicely balanced

    Chicago Bulls iPad Application - Visual Direction and UI Design by Phil Rampulla

    Children's Book Illustrated

    Editorial design

    "Ábécés könyv" - This book is the result of a very personal project aiming to introduce a little girl to the 44 letters of the Hungarian alphabet. By Anna Kövecses.

    If you need to design any kinds of brochure or flyer then you can check out this. It can be helpful for you:

    "Virginia Wolf", written by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

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    Process Manual Volume 1.0 on Behance. I really like the materials - hope to do something like this if I can find the right client!

    Sur le bateau parfois ça nous arrive de faire de la couture, de la broderie, du tricot … Alors forcément, on est sensible à ce genre de travail. Karina Cukierman a travaillé ici pour un poster et une édition sur le film Dancer in the Dark, c’est très joli, très point de croix, bref, c’est …


    photo-lettering catalog editorial designs

    Artist book "Among Humans". By Cassandra Fernandez.