Jean Mitchell

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:33:29 +0000

Fall Festival Booth Ideas | Hook Toss / carnival games

    Carnival game - ping pong toss. You could have this as a pre-registration game or after meals.

    Driven By Décor: A Carnival / Circus Themed Birthday Party

    Carnival Game Baloon ball DIY This would be a fun and good way to do the Life Long Learning night

    OMG! I do not know how to make this game but i do want to play it!!

    Carnival Games for a carnival party by janis

    Cute idea for a mini golf course yard game.

    Halloween Carnival Booth Ideas | kids halloween carnival games - Google Search

    Fish & Chips (Goldfish and potato chips) perfect for a nautical theme party.

    Pick a Duck game - what a great idea for a kid's birthday party, especially for a circus or carnival theme! Click through for more cute circ...

    Doorway bean bag toss ~ just for fun or great game for fall fesitvals/carnivals!!!

    Carnival Savers - Carnival Game

    Huffington Post DIY Bean Bag Toss