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12 Essential Marinades, condensed into one handy summary! www.recipetineats...


    spice combinations / This clicks through to an explanation of the healing qualities of 12 spices. However, there are no recipes to give relative proportions of the spices in these combinations.

    Marinade Magic: Easy As 1-2-3 | Love succulent steaks, flavorful chicken, tender lamb and zesty veggies? Want to add a splash of “Wow!” to your favorite foods? (Who doesn’t, right?) Marinades make the magic that turns tried-and-true foods into something memorable. If you can count to 1-2-3, you’ve got it made with marinades. Delicious success is guaranteed with this simple formula.

    How to Take Condiments from Ordinary to Extraordinary

    Buffalo Wild Wings Recipes:

    Move over meat! Vegetables take center stage in this guide to perfect, healthy, tasty grilling. #grilling #bbq

    Easy Fish Marinades

    Give your sandwich some extra love with these easy flavored mayo recipes

    Restaurant-style olive oil dipping sauce with Italian herbs and balsamic vinegar perfect for dipping your favorite crusty bread. Mix it up with your favorite herbs and add a spicy kick to create your own flavor blend. Italian Bread Dipping Oil (Sauce) - Appetizer, Game Day, holiday|

    Flank Steak Marinades

    19 Easy Marinades That Will Make Everything More Delicious from BuzzFeed. Thanks for including my Rosemary-Mustard Grilled Chicken marinade that's also great on zucchini!:

    Simple chicken marinade ideas