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The Kindness Quilt

    Mind-Controlled Computer Retrains Stroke Victims – Brains to Help Them Move Again #this #is #awesome, #brain #computer #interface, #health, #medicine, #science, #neuroscience, #gizmodo # Even more encouraging, this study was done in the patients’ homes, by themselves. Although a commercial product is still a while away, it also has potential to be used in other neuropsychiatric diseases. “I think this is an early and simple example of kind of this approach,” said Leuthardt. He’s particularly encouraged because the treatment doesn’t use drugs or surgery. “It’s using that person’s thoughts to induce changes in the brain that heals them,” he said. “That’s a really profound thing that tells us that we know that our minds matter in our recovery.” Brysonis a freelance storyteller who ...

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    Kindness lesson- If you have four corners on a sheet of paper, and cut one corner off to give to a friend, how many corners are left? (the more kindness you give, the more you have)

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