Sheryl Hatch Beadles

Fri, 19 May 2017 19:09:24 +0000

A baby elephant holding hay with its trunk.

    Llama shave this - here to find out more

    Une bonne journée à tous ! Dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Presque le Week End ! #CUTE

    Baby elephants throw themselves into the mud when upset. Seems like a legitimate reaction to me.

    Good guy elephant


    A collection of incredibly powerful stories that show how much animals experience emotion.

    Luk Chai, a baby elephant born, 2009 in the Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Photo: Renee Doyle

    One of the things that makes #OurEarth so beautiful, is all the #OddCouples Lol...

    Außergewöhnliche Freundschaft :)

    aww... poor guy. but i'm so happy this elephant has someone helping him out.