Leigh Anne Blair

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:59:16 +0000

Fun and Interesting Facts About Ireland: Irish Fun Facts for St. Patrick's Day

    The Ultimate Guide to Irish Slang + Irish vs. American terms | via http://www.sara-sees.com

    A Treasury Of Irish Myth , Legend and Folklore W Yeats Fairy and Folktales and Lady Gregory , Cuchulain Of Muithemme . Ref : kerrygems.com

    One of the many tragic ironies of famine stricken Ireland is that as people died of starvation, thousands of tons of grain that could have saved them was instead shipped out of the country. How could such a seemingly perverse and inhuman policy be allowed to continue?

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    Book of Kells Cross

    Irish Poems is a treasury of poetry from the Emerald Isle, stretching back fourteen centuries. From the romantic ballad to the rebel song, from devotional Christian verse to revivals of ancient Celtic

    Hard Sense in Soft Words: Sayings from the Great Oral Tradition of Ireland

    Irish Heritage Facts

    A journey to Ireland's Ancient East is more than just a holiday to Ireland, it's an opportunity to connect with your Irish heritage and ancestry, if indeed you have some, or just to sample 5,000 years of Irish history, as well as a Guinness!